Top Five Things I Do When I'm Feeling Sick or Down

Like many of you, I'm sure, I've had a few days in the last month when I'm either starting to feel sick, my energy is low, or I'm struggling emotionally. We're all going through a lot right now, and in so many different ways! The state of the body and mind are clearly connected, so it'll often be the case that one of these things will coincide with or lead to the other. So here's a list of my go-to steps to take when I'm not doing so hot :) With no supplements or weird purchases required...

Switch Up Your Diet

This is something I do particularly when I can tell my immune system is struggling or when I'm trying to raise my vibrations. If it's digestive issues, that could mean doing a kitchari cleanse, just incorporating particular foods, or even doing a short fast to really give your system a rest. If you're feeling unaligned, "out-of-flow," or like your body is fighting something, it could mean incorporating raw foods or eating more fruits and veggies in general. It's common knowledge at this point that diet has a lot to do with how we're feeling, and can even influence anxiety and depression. One thing that I do regardless of what the problem is cut caffeine, which is a really tough one... Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint exactly what's going on and what the right solution is - I'm happy to help you there :)

Accept It, Let It Be ok

Depending on your personality type, being sick or feeling low can be really difficult if it leads to you not "performing at your best." Or it can just be plain frustrating to feel crappy. It makes sense to do certain things to feel better! But at some point struggling against it mentally isn't helpful.

Overdoing it can just prolong the problem. If you need to lay around in bed or on the couch for a few days, it's ok. If you feel up to meditating, even for a few minutes, this can help, because meditation is ultimately about accepting things as they are and recognizing that no situation lasts forever. But sometimes it just feels impossible to sit with discomfort when you're not doing well.

Connect with Nature

This one is particularly helpful when you're emotionally struggling or feeling ungrounded - though it has been shown to help biologically as well. Being outside can slow your breath and heart rate, boost your energy and immune system, and make it easier to deal with stressors.

Connecting with nature can be anything from hiking, a short walk, or even just finding a patch of grass to plant your bare feet on, if that's all you're feeling up to. I've even known some people to bring a pot of dirt indoors to stand in if they don't have easy access to nature or aren't physically able to get outside.

Connect with Supportive Friends and Family

Even when I'm feeling reluctant, I try to make a point of reaching out to a close friend or family member - sometimes to talk about what's going on, or sometimes just for a distraction, to talk about absolutely nothing at all. I almost always feel better afterward. I think it helps put my problems into context - it reminds me that everything is ultimately going to be ok and that life goes on.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

You've probably heard this before, and a lot of it will sound obvious, but it just cannot be overstated. Sleep is your body's natural recharge mode! When all your normal daily functions are on pause, your body is healing.

Throwback to When Saunas Were Open...

A dead giveaway sign that this is something you should prioritize? Umm,you're constantly fatigued. This is something that a lot of people accept as normal, but if you're getting less than seven hours of sleep, or you're getting seven hours and you're still fighting fatigue throughout the day, you should probably work on your sleep hygiene.

My immune system and mood were low recently, and I was so exhausted. But I realized that I was sleeping less than six hours per night...whoops. So for three nights in a row, I slept for ten was a crucial part of the picture in getting me back to feeling well.

That's all! What are some strategies that you use when you're not feeling great??


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