Raising Your Vibration to Cope with Covid-19

I started learning about high-vibration living in January (when I was prepping for an ayahuasca retreat) and felt great after I integrated some changes in my own life. 

As Coronavirus entered the global stage, I had a gut feeling that increasing the frequencies of our energies was a framework that could help us, both individually and as a global community. 

So what is high-vibrational living? As you can probably guess, it's more than dietary changes. It has to do with consumption generally, including social media, movies, music, substances from the environment, and food. It also includes your daily practices, the people and aesthetic you surround yourself with, and the nature of your thoughts about yourself and others.


When you're living at a higher vibration, you feel happier, lighter, and positive, as opposed to dark, heavy, and confused. This may be a concept that resonates with you on an intuitive level - but it has also been measured scientifically. 

Great, so what can I do to raise my vibration?

  • Choose local or organic foods, when you can (this isn't accessible for everyone).

  • Consume foods that feel alive - i.e. less processed, less meat, less fried. 

  • Reduce your caffeine intake. Try matcha tea, half-caf or decaf, Dandy Blend, or mushroom elixirs. 

  • Try meditating, even for 5 minutes.

  • Breath some fresh air or walk in nature, if you're allowed. 

  • Try being aware of how you feel when you consume negative - or even just too much - media. 

Would you like some customized detailed guidance? I have a lot more to offer on this topic! And sometimes it's just easier to stay on track with some support.

This is a difficult time for so many people in so many ways, and I would like to contribute in any way I can. I will offer High-Vibrational Lifestyle coaching on a sliding payment scale (we figure out together what is manageable for you) or service-trade basis. Do you have special skills to share with me?! Let's get creative!

Please get in touch below OR book a free intro call


  • a 1-hour call to figure out your particular needs

  • Depending on the outcome, we'll schedule additional sessions and develop a plan that can include:

personalized one-on-one yoga and movement

meditation and mindfulness

breathwork (pranayama)


targeted meal-planning and dietary advice

practices to connect with nature

guidance for directing your thoughts

energy-cleansing and -protecting practices


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